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Left Hand Drive Vehicles from UAE


Auto Link Holdings LLC has extend Their operations to source High Quality Left Hand Drive vehicles from United Arab Emirates.

Our staff in UAE will inspect and ship the vehicles for your destination ports . World wide shipping available in both Ro-Ro and Containers.



 TOYOTA Reveals All-New CROWN


All-new Crown world premiere presentation

(1) The Story of the Crown

Even though we are here today to spotlight the launch of a new model, we arranged 15 generations of the Crown for you to see on the way in.

Some of you may have wondered why. Let me begin by telling you a Crown's story woven by successive chief engineers.

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New E-MO zero Emission full Electric Personal Mobility

 Brand New Zero Emission Made In Japan Fully Electric Personal Mobiles Now You Can Order With Us.

* Speed 50 KM/H.

* Can be Charged through 100 v Power Supply.

* Cruising Range 40 km when Fully Charged.

* Color Variations Pearl White , Titanium Brown , Candy Red , Orange.







 Vehicle Specifications

L:2.3 m x W:1.09 m x H: 1.64 m 

Wheel Base 1.61 m

Passenger Capacity  1

Loading Capacity 30 kg

Speed 50 km/h

Cruising Range 40 km 

Battery 60V

Charging time 6 to 8 hours

Contact for Place the Orders

E-mail :

WhatsApp : +81-90-1838-9919


Safe Container Vanning


Auto Link Holdings LLC is providing container vanning facilities to the customers who is having difficulties to get the vehicles to there country by Roll on/ Roll off (RORO).
Container vanning is doing by well trained professional staff to deliver the vehicles safely to your country.
This is Recent Container Vanning That We have Done 



The new "Outlander" PHEV model won the Good Design Award of 2021


 Mitsubishi Motors announced that the plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) model of the new crossover SUV "Outlander" scheduled to be released in mid-December received the Good Design Award in 2021 sponsored by the Japan Institute of Design Promotion.

The SUV has a large interior space with additional option of third seat row .

Interior and body design incorporates a horizontal tone to increase strength and sharpness, luxury, driving performance.

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The Corolla Cross, the first SUV in the Corolla series

 On September 14th 2021, Toyota Motor released the new model "Corolla Cross," which is the first SUV for the Corolla.

 This new model "Corolla Cross" was born as the first SUV in the series as a result of pursuing the "plus α" concept cultivated by successive Corolla and the new appearance required for the Corolla in the future. Based on the development concept of "new space and new sensation Corolla," it is said that it has both powerful driving and low fuel consumption in addition to the large interior space and high utility unique to SUVs.




Nissan RB26DETT and VR38DETT,both were developed as NISSAN GT-R dedicated engines.

As well known, the RB26 is an engine “made to win” in Group A races of the time. Therefore, its purpose is different from the VR38, which was created with the aim of entering the world-class super cars.

The source of Nissan’s “winning engine” is probably the GR8 loaded on the Prince R380. This GR8 reaches one peak in S20 of Hakosuka GT-R (KPGC10).

On the other hand, the RB26 installed in the R32 Skyrun GT-R is a mutant engine that incorporates the soul cultivated in the GR8 and S20 into the RB system that inherits the robustness that is important as the suitability of the tuning base of the L engine.

The RB26DETT, which carries the feelings of Nissan fans, has become a legend again with the expected performance. In addition, GT-R will begin to be treated like a supercar after exports that started from R33 GT-R, mainly in right-hand drive countries such as the United Kingdom, and participation in Le Mans of GT-R LM.

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Nissan Skyline Models

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