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If you are looking for High Qualty Japanese used Boats , Used Yatch , Used Cruise , Used Power Water Craft or even Used Working ship for reasonable prices We can source for your with our wide net work of doemstic boat dealers in Japan.

We can arrange the shipping to any destination port . Mainly we are using Flat rack containers & 40 ft High Cube containers for the shipping .

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LEFT HAND DRIVE European vehicles from Japan ?

Left hand drive Euro cars in Japan?

Yes, Japan is full of them, and so are the Japan auctions.  From the very expensive high grade sports cars to the cheaper lower grade ones as well.

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Japan is a right hand drive country, but it allows people to own and drive even the LHD vehicles. That is why one can import a LHD cars like Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, Mini, Ferrari, Porsche, Audi, Hyundai, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Ford and Toyota, Lexus from Americ and Europe.

Many of these, especially the sports cars, have low kms. The reason being they are usually only driven on special occasions by the drivers.

What makes German made LHD (left hand drive) vehicles and cars cheaper in the Japanese used car auctions?

  • Depreciation.  The depreciation curve for a new car bought in Japan is probably the steepest in the world

  • Main transportation in Japan is by train, so a similar vehicle sold in the auctions of a certain age will normally have less kms on the odometer.

  • The market for luxury cars in Japan, is the new car market.  The 2nd hand market for luxury LHD vehicles and cars exists but not at a premium.  (If I have the money for a luxury car in Japan, I am going to buy it new, not used).  Hence the decrease in value when they appear in the auctions

Here are some Vehicles that we have pruchased recetnly

Mercedes Benz GLK300 Left Hand Drive

Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Performa Sports

mercedes Benz E Class Station Wagon E55t

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Customize Toyota Hiace Commueter


Fine Tech Tourer BLACK EDTION

Type 2

Air Force 1

Type 3

Air Force 2


Type 4





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